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Celebrating the small successes

So many of us work hard at our jobs and businesses, we always have our eye on the next task or goal ahead of us. But sometimes we need to stop and just savour our achievements from time to time. So please forgive me for this indulgent blog post to congratulate my husband.

He’s worked like a Trojan all winter and has just completed the installation of his new cattle handling system. He’s also received a High Health Status award for his beef cattle herd. This award is something usually pursued by pedigree breeders, so Pete has done very well to achieve it.
Charolais stock bull and calf

Our Charolais stock bull Emphatic and one of his calves

I tease him a lot about how he “pampers” his beasts, but I’m secretly proud that he puts everything into caring for his animals, and he really deserved this certificate.

Congratulations to Pete and all those hard-working farmers who go the extra mile for their animals, whatever the cost.


I had a little heart-warming experience myself last week, when I received a phone call from one of the local libraries, to say my book The Write Therapy: How Keeping a Journal Can Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Productive had been used as a text in one of the library’s study groups.

So ever since Christmas local people have been learning how to improve their health through journaling, which gives the immune system a boost and helps relieve stress. And I’ve been invited to go and meet them later in the year, which I’m really looking forward to.

So that’s us, what about you?  Give yourself a pat on the back for whatever you’ve achieved in the past few months, whether big or small, and savour your success.