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Jane spins a yarn for Coco Alpacas

Jane Potts with her alpacas

Jane Potts with her alpacas

A Shropshire woman has launched a blog about life with her herd of alpacas and the beautiful products she creates from their wool.

Jane Potts from Leebotwood used to be a farm secretary but fell in love with alpacas Phoebe and Eliza at the Royal Show in Warwickshire back in 2007. She now has a herd of 17 animals.

Coco Alpacas offers a range of hand-knitted and hand woven scarves, shawls, hats, snoods, mittens and throws and sells alpaca yarn for knitting. Continue reading


Get Well soon Fred the Ted

Shropshire copywriter loves snowscapes
My inner child loves snowy walks!

January is usually a quiet time on the farm, when Pete and I chill out in the evenings in front of endless log fires and fall asleep watching boring  repeats on the television.

But it didn’t happen this year as we were both caught up in big projects. Pete was working hard with contractors on a new cattle handling system, and I was glued to the chair in my office for hours on end collaborating with a new client on a ghost writing assignment.

Now sitting at my desk for too long doesn’t suit me anymore, and I need regular short breaks. So every day I take at least one short walk with Flossie the sheepdog, and it’s an opportunity to let my inner child go out to play.

Walking in a winter wonderland

This is the part of me that enjoys walking through deep frozen puddles crunching ice under my feet, taking macro photographs of snowdrops and throwing sticks for a very muddy Floss.

My inner child also loves to dance in the office to YouTube videos and do a bit of Karaoke, strictly for my own ears!!  Currently my favourite song is Dolly Parton’s Jolene after hearing my daughter sing it beautifully at the weekend in preparation for a solo performance. Yes, I am quietly becoming an English eccentric, and I don’t seem to care a jot.

Undercover Florence Nightingale


Farmhouse blog: Fred the Ted

Fred the Ted has a secret nurse

I realised yesterday that another inner child had also been let loose in the farmhouse when I discovered Fred the Ted (a beautiful teddy bear from the shop at Ironbridge) had been tucked up on the sofa with a tea towel for a blanket and a giant packet of Beechams All -in-Ones in his paw.

When I challenged Pete about nursing cuddly toys back to health and the harm it might do to his manly image he just laughed and said he was free to connect with his feminine side.

So you can send the Get Well cards here to Fred the Ted and we’ll pass them on with your best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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Owning up to Aga addiction and going cold turkey

Did you miss my blog post in December? You were probably too busy flying by the seat of your pants in a bid to beat Santa’s sleigh to notice I’d gone AWOL.

Actually I was the one on the bike with ET flying across the sky, trying to get to the M & S food store before the doors closed. Sorry I didn’t stop to wave.

So here’s a brief update on our quiet, non-eventful festive season……

The Alderson household had to go cold turkey all over Christmas and the New Year- and I don’t mean what we ate for our Christmas dinner!

No, our beloved Aga was the problem.Aga.jpeg

Now, despite the fact that she needs a facelift and dates back to the 1930s, we’re very fond of the old girl, and so are all of our visitors. The first thing they do is park their bottoms in front of it, and then they luxuriate in its warmth, loathe to give up their prime position in front of the oven door.

The Aga is the heart of our home, so when it suddenly went cold on us, a shiver crept down our collective spine. We were forced to admit our long-standing addiction to opening the oven door to toast our derrières (I thought I’d use a polite French term as it’s a cheeky topic).

The festivities didn’t seem quite the same without the baking warmth of the Aga, though luckily we have an electric oven to use as a back-up and still had a nice turkey dinner. It’s not very good for derrière- warming though!

I won’t say anything else about Christmas, except to pass on a tip to anyone who lives in a big old house. Don’t use last year’s Christmas crackers unless you want to pull them and find a dead spider inside! My son-in-law’s face was a picture when a mummified arachnid popped out instead of a paper hat!

And on a lighter note…. when Floss the Sheepdog took me for my daily walkies this week I noticed how the days were lengthening again. Another few weeks will see an easing of my SAD symptoms and I might come out of hibernation for more than just another snack.

Happy New Year dear Follower. Thanks for reading my blog and I wish you all the best for 2015!Jan2015 view.jpeg