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Web copywriting

Does your website pack a punch? To sell you must quickly engage and persuade the reader. Connect with their needs and desires. A good copywriter knows how to do that. And that’s why professional copywriting makes all the difference.

It’s essential to engage your audience, explain what you do, win their trust, and persuade them to buy your goods or services. It’s down to skillful use of language. Crisp, persuasive copy wins the day.

Get in touch and I’ll use my talents to help you punch above your weight.


A great blog creates an impact. It generates interest in your business or project and helps establish your reputation as an expert. A blog should be regularly updated and it will help your search engine rankings.

Can you write one- or is it a challenge you can do without? If you’re a busy manager or proprietor, let me make your life easier. Call me on 07985 683834 for a no-obligation chat, or email


Want a professional finish to your written project- an e-book, brochure or article for the trade press?

I can cast an expert eye over your work, tidy up spelling and grammar, improve the flow, and work wonders with a bit of clever editing. I’ll even add some extra creative words of my own to give your work a professional polish. Copyediting is a cost-effective way to manage a writing project, and ideal if your budget is tight.

Press releases

You’d expect a veteran journalist to be good at press releases wouldn’t you? It’s easy for me to spot the best angle for your story and write it in the style preferred by newspapers, broadcast media and trade press. You can read some of my past press releases here on my website.

E-books and memoirs

Want help writing an e-book? E-books are brilliant for business and really set you up as an expert. They increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your website. Let me write your book while you take the credit.

Or maybe you’ve had an interesting life and would like help to write a memoir? I can interview you (on Skype if you live outside the UK or if it’s more convenient) and write your story in a gripping narrative style.

 More copywriting services

Advertising features, biographies, company histories, and more. If you need it, I can write it.

Call me now to discuss your requirements on 07985 683834, or email